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Welcome to Customer Care plugin for Jira. You can find here all details about plugin functionality, how pluging behaves and how it should be configured.

What's new ? take a look on Twitter

If you want to see all features in action go to the Atlassian Marketplace and click "Try it free" button for 30-day free trial.


We would like to inform that the Customer Care plugin is about to be retired and will not be developed, but w e will still providing the support for for users with an active maintenance license

Customer Care for Jira can be use to:

  • Gather customer feedback
  • Collect and manage reported bugs
  • Create a site where clients can add purchase orders

Some of the features:

  • Customer portal "outside" Jira
  • Whole conversation between customer in one place under customer account
  • Unlimited number of customer accounts
  • Easly integration with company website
  • No need to add Jira access for customers
  • Handling different types of customer requests in one Jira project
  • Customisable request forms based on Jira issue field scheme
  • SLA tracking for support team response
  • Separate tab on the Jira issue screen for customer - support team conversation
  • Ability to add attachments by customer
  • Link standard jira issue to divite complex bug into smaller parts

Releases and upcoming features


By default only jira-administrators group have access to "Customer Care" section in Jira. In order to add access to other users please review Global Permissions settings


We have put a lot of effort to create the plugin which will satisfy customers needs although  if you spot a bug or have a suggestion how to make our plugin better, please don't hesitate to send us this information here.

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