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Support team configuraiton

Remember to configure global permissions

It is possible to create a request on behalf of the customer. In this scenario support team can create Jira issue and put all relevant information in the issue description and subject ( descibed here )

and attach to the customer (attach customer button). After attaching, created request will be visible in the customer portal.

And the Jira issue description field is reflected to the request description in the Customer Portal :

With this feature we can annonunce an important information to the customer.

Conversation with a customer

Modyfing an issue descripion to annonunce about new change can be annoying. In order to send to customer a small information Jira users can use special tab on the issue page "Customer comments".  This tab is very simmilar to the regular Jira comments but they are shared with a customer ( displayed in the Customer Portal request page). Customer can also answer by posting a new comment in the customer portal which will be visible in Jira.

Comments in Jira :

Comments visible by the customer:

Comments mapping :

Email notification

If configured ( see here ) an email notification will be sent to the customer ( if a Jira user will add a comment) or to the Jira user ( if a customer will add a comment).

Sharing files

Sometimes a short description is not enought. If the company has changed a general terms of service of particular service all users need to be informed and they shoul have an easy access to the newest version of the document. fortunatelly Customer Care for Jira plugin can share a files with the customer.

   To do so, Jira user have to only attach an attachment to the Jira issue and start sharing with the customer:

After that a customer have access to the attachment and can easly download in the Customer Portal :

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