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One of the best plugin features is the ability to create custom forms. Almost all field types configured in issue schema are available. Customer Care administrator can use supported fields to configure request form which is displayed in Customer Care portal (example).

Supported fields:

  • Multiselect
  • Select
  • Checkbox
  • Url
  • Radiobutton
  • Multitext
  • Number
  • SimpleText
  • Date
  • Datetime

The simplest way to add an additional field to the Jira issue scheme :

If a new field has been added to the issue scheme then is also available in the  request's field settings :

Configure request form

Issue type - issue type which will be used to create an issue in Jira. All available fields depends on selected issue type.

Configuration section is divided into 2 subsections : Configured fields and available fields

Configured fields

Every field contains following attributes :

  • Display name - If filled, provided text will be used in the request form as a field name otherwise Jira filed name will be used
  • Description - If filled, provided text will be disabled under the field form as a description
  • Mandatory - if checked, the customer will be obligated to fill the field.

If the field is required according to the Jira issue scheme it will be also marked as required by default.

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