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Customer portal logo / upload logoAdministrator is be able to upload picture with logo which will be displaed in the Customer Portal header next to the company's name (upper left corner)
Customer portal logo / delete logoIf logo is uploaded administrator is be able to delete the logo
Company Name

Company name which will be displayed in the

upper left corner of the "Customer Portal" page

Display company name next to logoIf checked and "Company name" filled then link with company name will be displayed next to the logo
Company's main address

Address which will be attached under the "Company Name"

in the "Customer Portal" page

Main page welcome text

Welcome text which will be displayed in the center of the

"Customer Portal" page

Landing page after login

Radio button add ability to configure the first page after login.

  • All request view - After customer's login a view with all reported request will be displayed as a start page
  • Choose new request type view - After customer's login a view with all request types will be displayed in order to choose a request type to submit
Disable account creation by customer

If unchecked customer is able to create customer account using

the link on the "Customer Portal" page, otherwise a new account

have to be created by Jira user here

Automatically activation

If unchecked, account created by the customer will be in the state

"Waiting for activation". An activation email will be sent with activation link to the customer, otherwise an account will be active immediately  after creation

Send email notificationIf checked, notification email will be sent to the assigne if customer will add new comment or attachment
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