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Outgoing mail server has to be configured in Jira

In this section the administrator configures email templates. Following templates are used in communication with the customer. 

There are 3 types of templates:

  • Activation email - will be used to generate an activation email which will be sent after the customer creates an account
  • Issue change email - when new comment for the customer will be added, the plugin will generate an email to the customer using this template
  • Reset customer account template - If customer click on the "reset password" link on the "Customer Care Portal" page, plugin will generate an email using this template

Remove default email prefix - By default all email sent by Jira contain special prefix in the subject ( usually "[JIRA]"). By checking this checkbox default prefix will be removed from activation, "Issue change" or "reset" emails.

Template content

All emails are sent with "text/html" mime type, thus templates can contain html tags. while email generation plugin will exchange "new line" marks to <br> tags to preserve line formatting in the templates.

Template custom tags

Emails can be customise using customer related data like name, issue key. Tags have to be written using ${tagName} syntax.

Following tags are available:

  • loginPageLink - generated http link which points to "Customer Care Portal"
  • customerName - Customer name from register form
  • customerEmail - Customer email from register form
  • customerAccountActive - account status (ENABLED, DISABLED)
  • activationLink - can be used only in activation email template, the one-time link used for account activation
  • issueStatus - issue status
  • issueSummary - issue summary
  • issueKey - issue external key

Template using Velocity engine framework, thus all velocity tags are available.

Testing templates

In order to test templates testing form is available under "Test template" button.

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