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In order to have access to this page (been able to see all created Customer Care projects), user has to have at least one global Customer Care permissions

The projects section is available only for the users with global Customer Care permissions. It contains :

  • Link to the Customer Portal
  • All defined Customer Care projects

Every Customer Care project has one section which describes the project, such as defined request types available for the customer or configuration button. Every section contains:

  • Project name - Jira project name 
  • Configure  button - configure project and request types
  • Show requests - display all request created using request types defined in this project
  • Request name - Configured request name which acts as a title for the request in the Customer Care portal ( example )
  • Issue type - The type of the Jira issue which will be created if customer  uses this request type
  • Requests - Quantity of requests created by this request type in the open state and link to the summary page

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