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1.0.0 - Initial release

1.1.1 - Support many request types in one project

  • Create requests for each issue type - Ability to create more than one request type in Customer Care portal from one Jira project
  • Bugifx - exception occurs in the Customer Care project view after project deletion
  • Bugfix  - invalid field validation in "New customer" dialog
  • Bugfix - login issue in the Customer Care portal

1.1.2 - Bugfixes

  • License validation bugfix
  • Avatar resolving bugfix

1.1.4 -  Jira 7.8 compatibility, bugfixes

  • Jira 7.8 compatibility
  • Fix Sla calculation
  • Fix bad character escaping in customer form

1.1.5 - Bugfixes

  • Inproper comment ordering fix
  • Preserve white space formatting in comments

1.1.6 - Bugfixes

1.1.7 - Bugfixes and Jira new version compatibility

1.2.2 - Bugfixes and new redesigned customer portal

1.3.0 - Bugfixes and new features

Upcoming main features (Roadmap)

  • Automatically login to Customer Care portal if user is logged in to Jira. - Ability to create service desk portal for Jira users
  • Create more than one Customer Portal, each portal available on different url
  • Ability to assign customers to the request types
  • Ability to assign request type to specific customer portal
  • Add or revoke permission to access customer portals by customer accounts or Jira user accounts

New Features

We have put a lot of effort to create the plugin which will satisfy customers needs although  if you spot a bug or have a suggestion how to make our plugin better, please don't hesitate to send us this information here.

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