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Requests view is available only for the users who have Customer Care Admin global permission and is available under the "Configure"  button. The section allows to create request type configuration under specific project.

In general, request types defines the types of requests available for the customer under the Customer Portal.

There is no limit on request type quantity. It is possible to create many request types with the same issue type, but different description, SLA configuration or fields in the registration form (configured here)

Request type statuses

Every request type can be in one of the following statuses :

  • Configured - all mandatory fields are filled, request is "on line" and available for the customer in the Customer Portal
  • Disabled - request type is disabled and not available. It will not be displayed in the Project View and Customer Portal
  • Not configured - at least one mandatory field  in the request type configuration or default reporter in the project or blobal configuration is not configured. The request type will not be displayed in the Project View and Customer Portal

Available actions

Settings - open request type settings : fields configuration, request description, issue statuses

Disable/ Enabled request - disabling or enabling the request

Delete  - Delete the request. After deleting, all cusomter requests which were created using this request type will not be shown in the Customer's Care issues views and a SLA calculation will not be available. All other data like customer comments and attachments will be preserved.

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