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Issue screen

Customer Care plugin have added 4 additional elements to the issue page. These elements are displayed only in Customer Care project's issues.

Conversation with customer

"Customer comments" tab (4) contains all conversation between the customer and the support team. Only users with global Customer Care permission are allowed to add comments here (using Response button (1) ). These comments are separate from standard issue comments (Comments tab). Standard issue comment can be used as an internal conversation between Jira users. It is a very useful solution because the issue can be reassigned to different Jira user who can help support team to fulfill customer's request.


the customer has ability to attach files to the issue. If customer support wanted to share an attachment with the customer, following actions need to be done:

  • Attach the file to the issue
  • Click "sharing icon" ( 2 )

Modal dialog display all files attached to the issue and corresponded shared status. 

Shared status:

  • Yes - attachment is visible on the Customer Portal for the customer
  • No - attachment is hidden and the customer doesn't have access to the file

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